ISOLATED “Demonical Conspiracy”

“Demonical Conspiracy”
In the 80s I made a great discovery. I found out that Mexico had a great metal scene but few got outside of the country got to hear. Over the years I’ve come upon some really cool Mexican acts that I still to this day treasure. The sound is raw to the point of being crude in a way that I like. It is a welcomed break from all the clean and so very correct sounds that we get to hear from most death metal albums these days. There is a blackish feel to this that also adds to the feel of this being some cool stuff being played by this band. I wasn’t familiar with ISOLATED before (at least I don’t think so) I got to hear this album but now that I have I’m very pleased having made their acquaintance. More of this stuff and I’ll be a happy dude for the rest of this winter. Anders Ekdahl

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