ISSUNA “Ez dugu aske izateko zuen baimenik behar”

” Ez dugu aske izateko zuen baimenik behar”

Battle Helm Rating

Spanish crust/punk is not something I get to hear too often. Hell, punk/crust is not something that comes along to often in any shape of form. So whenever it does it is almost a real treat. This one is. This is one style of music that I wish I had more knowledge about. I really need somebody to guide me through the jungle, to let me find the real gems. On my own I feel like a lost child in a super mall. So much to look at, not knowing what is good or not. But this one does not flash me with anything fancy. This is as dirty and raw as I expect crust punk to be. But don’t ask me what the title means. That one I am at a loss at. Anders Ekdahl

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