IVALYS “Lumen”

At times I feel that some labels are being a bit too one track minded. It is like they find one type of band and just keep going in that direction. I know that Wormholedeath have other kind of acts in their catalogue but they do seem to have an awful lot of female fronted bands. Not that I mind or. I simply love it. I for one am for more women in metal, as in any other walk of life. I also can’t seem to get enough of the kind of metal that IVALYS play; the kind of goth metal that isn’t really just one or the other thing. There is an edge to this that isn’t neatly arranged. I get a feeling of prog metal being crossed with goth metal to make IVALYS stand out enough for them to not drown in the vast sea that is metal. Another one to add the list of good metal albums. Anders Ekdahl

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