IVANHOE “Systematrix”

For most Swedes IVANHOE is a movie that is shown every year around the New Year holidays. A movie that you watch curing a hangover or while you vacuum. IVANHOE the band requires your full attention. This German band have been around a long time now and should in all fairness have come further than they have. But that hasn’t stopped them from releasing albums that are filled with metal that could be thought of as a more trickier Queensrÿche circa “Operation: Mindcrime”. This is the kind of metal that you really need to listen to. You can’t just put on the album and let it play in the background. You really gotta listen to it to fully get it all. Just like you need to take time to get into a Fates Warning album. Call it thinking man’s metal. Call it prog metal. Whatever you call it you know that you’ll have a good time in its company. Anders Ekdahl

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