Iwrestledabearonce – “Late For Nothing”

Iwrestledabearonce – “Late For Nothing” (Century Media)

When weirdos become normal……these guys used to be one of those experimental metal bands fronted by Krysta Cameron’s amazing devil-meets-a-saint vocals and the band’s equally off the wall style mixing frenicity with harmony. Two albums later and they had certainly made their mark in every house with a pool but following the soon to be fated “Ruining It for Everybody” Krysta got pregnant. Step in Canadian Courtney LaPlante who to her credit continues the screamo in fine succession to Cameron, although I tend to feel she is a little flat in her more tender moments compared to her predecessor. Still, it may be hardly noticeable amidst the continuing chaos of warbling math metal riffs, twisting melodies and frantic rhythms on the likes of ‘Letters To Stallone’, ‘I’d Buy That For A Dollar’ and the seriously tongue in cheek ‘Carnage Asada’ featuring Steve Vai – yeah, Steve fuckin Vai! “Late For Nothing” is definitely the most professional record Iwrestledabearonce have put out, with less weirdness – definitely no black metal as Steve Bradley once promised / threatened – but also some of their strongest melodic moments – so if you’re still, uh, trying to work out Iwrestledabearonce then default to ‘whatevercore’!

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