IXION “Return”

(Finisterian Dead End)

Battle Helm Rating

This week’s French contribution is IXION. An atmospheric, esoteric doom metal band. I usually don’t care too much for the press descriptions but this time it does actually fit. There used to be a time when I thought that cross pollination in music was a big no no. Then came the whole crossover thing in the 80s when hardcore and metal mashed together as one and with that I softened a bit. But I still thought that each genre should be kept clean of other genres. Nowadays I don’t really care. It is too much of a burden to even care if a band mixes one or two or three styles of music. Instead I just let me be entertained by the music and doesn’t worry too much about if it is stylistically correct. IXION is a band that mixes a whole lot of different styles. At times it is even hard to call this metal but somewhere at the bottom there is a foundation of metal that all this is built on. And it is ever so present. So if you mix My Dying Bride with Isis with atmospheric metal with shoegaze you might have some sort of idea as to what this is all about. All I really know is that I like what I hear. Anders Ekdahl

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