IXPAPALOTL “Corpse Republic”

“Corpse Republic”
This band with the very strange name is a Greek grindcore outfit. Not knowing how to pronounce the name correctly doesn’t affect my relationship to grindcore. I really don’t have a relationship top speak of. I’ve only come upon a handful or two grindcore bands and they’ve all been very different. Can’t say that I got any wiser to grindcore after having listened to this record. I still don’t really know what grindcore really is. This to me sounds more like a death metal band. But then what do I know. Grindcore to me is “From Enslavement To Obliteration” Napalm Death or Sore Throat or Exit 13. But I gotta say that this impressed me more than I thought it would. Not too bad at all. This I can see myself returning to. Anders Ekdahl

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