IZEGRIM “Code Of Consequences”

“Code Of Consequences”
I never tire of telling people how many great moments I’ve had in the company of Dutch metal. Izegrim are not new to me. I’ve followed them for some time now but this time they’ve got the muscles to back up their thrashy metal. I really like Izegrim’s metal. There’s something very appealing to it. It would be easy to just succumb to the greatness of Izegrim but I feel I need to be somewhat objective… You know what, screw objectivity. I simply love Izegrim’s metal. And that’s my very subjective opinion. “Code Of Consequences” have what I look for in an extreme metal release; the aggression mixed with some melodies. There is a drive to this that isn’t of this world. Izegrim is the band for all of you who like your thrash dosed with a little bit of this and that. Anders Ekdahl

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