J.B.O. – “11”


J.B.O. – “11” (AFM Records)

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Who says the Germans don’t have a sense of humor – well clearly they haven’t heard of J.B.O! With over 2.5 million records sold, 2 Gold Awards and a top charting band in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, J.B.O. have been solidly going for over 20 years, stoutly resisting any genres or trends in keeping with their own brand of self titled ‘Comedy Metal’, a jolly knees up blend of bierkeller and football singalongs with catchy hard rock metal – along with some serious tongue in cheek humor – not to mention those striking pink outfits ha ha. Originally titled the James Blast Orchestra, it was changed to J.B.O after singer James Last threatened legal action heh heh, although it seems that nothing is sacred from sports to politics to music as the band take on all comers and reduce them to tears while bringing joy to millions. “11” is, well their 11th album and continues the banter and parodies in the same style this time aimed at Nazis in the football rock of ‘Panzer Dance’, the positive groove metal of ‘Metaller’ and the 80s AOR piss take of ‘Wacken Ist Nur Einmal Im Jahr’. Elsewhere Marilyn Manson gets the finger in a telephone send up, ‘New York Groove’ gets a bier mashing into ‘Nurnberg Groove’, and ZZ Top’s ‘La Grange’ gets turned into ‘Har Har Har’. As if expertly timed for the Euro Football Championships, J.B.O. will be still cheering up fans long after their teams disappoint them. 

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