J.B.O. – “Nur Die Besten Werden Alt”


J.B.O. – “Nur Die Besten Werden Alt” (AFM Records)

25 years of J.B.O., 10th studio album and pink is the new black! Well, it doesn’t get anymore insane than this, J.B.O. – the James Blast Orchestra – is a comedy metal send up of the famous James Last Orchestra, who threatened legal action when they first heard about the band. Undeterred, and even grateful for the publicity, J.B.O. have made their name – along with several gold albums – over the last 2 decades with their Bavarian singalong party hymns – many of which are parodies of their originals – much to the joy of fans, and to the continuing consternation of others like Patrizier brewery who also threatened to sue J.B.O. for slandering their Patrizier Bier in the lyrics to ‘Pariser Bier’ (aka condom beer lol)! Twice invited to play the Wacken Open Air, J.B.O. are an undoubted festival favorite where their brand of ‘Bloedsinn’ fun lightens up any sinister blackness. Still, it’s not without being able to play themselves, which they do so competently, but more challengingly coming up with witty lyrics and song arrangements to continually humor the crowd such as on ‘Das Bier ist da zum Trinken’ which is a send up of Nancy Sinatra’s ‘These Boots Were Made for Walkin’ or rocking out in style to Alice Cooper’s own ‘Schule Aus’. As for their own material, check out the anthemic air punching ‘Vier Finger für ein Halleluja’, an addictive party on invitation that doesn’t care if you speak German, only that you have a love of hard music and humorous lyrics, so when you those pink suits you know the ‘Defenders of True Nonsense’ are back!

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