Jackson Firebird – “Shake The Breakdown”


Jackson Firebird – “Shake The Breakdown” (Napalm Records)

Cock Rockin! If that was the name of their debut then Jackson Firebird are a bogan’s dream come true from the backwater of a country bakery to touring the world as a rock n roll band! Made up of the Aussie duo of Brendan Harvey (Guitar & Vocals)
and Dale Hudak (Drums, Bottle Bin & Vocals), these two are not a million miles away from their countrymen The Graveltones, but way, waaay heavier. Take a stubbie of AC/DC, add in come Crue and then stoke it up with some T Rex or even 50’s style rock n roll and you’ve got the awesomely named Jackson Firebird – just like the legendary guitar itself. Being a duo, there’s very little frills or rock star maneuvers but this is essentially the secret of these guys i.e. simple, straight up hard rock n roll. But beyond the honesty and dude cool mentality comes a wallop that could fell a rhino from Harvey’s syrup thick riffs effortlessly swinging from monster 70s rock to pub blues to addictive singalong glam rock matched by his vocals that wail, croon and machine gun rap merrily along to Hudak’s thumping and rolling drum work! Simultaneously unoriginal and yet simply irresistible across songs like the stoner groove of ‘Voodoo’ or the Jack Black insanity of ‘Headache Mantra’ and the rattlesnake rock meets RATM on ‘Sick n Tired’, Jackson Firebird continue their cock rockin, beer swillin cut it loose mentality on the aptly titled “Shake The Breakdown”.

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