JADED HEART “Devil’s Gift”

“Devil’s Gift”
(Massacre Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This does sound like some sort of hair band just from the band name. Yeah, I know. Never judge the band by its name. I know I say it a lot but hey; JADED HEART does not sound like your typical black metal band name. A band that is on its 13th album is a band that I should be familiar with but to be honest I don’t think I’ve have heard a single album, let alone track by JADED HEART prior to this album. And if I have I have totally forgotten about it. So when I get to hear this I realize that I have missed out on a cool melodic metal band. This is metal for those of us that like Hardcore Superstar. In a way anyway. This is metal for us that want to sing-a-long and have a good time. Like they say, better late than never. Anders Ekdahl

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