”Black Magic”

Battle Helm Rating

I recognize the name. I might even have reviewed the previous album. And I seem to remember that I liked what I heard back then. Or not. Could be another of my brain scams. So it is with that in mind that I take on this new album. I have high expectations of being totally rocked off the couch by this. The first thing that struck me with track one was how much this made me think of a sped up Black Sabbath circa 1970/1. This has that vintage feel that I love so much. As contemporary as this is it is still old as time itself. This is retro rock the way retro rock should be. With one foot in the present and the rest of the body in the past. And a whole bag full of the blues. This is the stuff that makes even the most anti dance guy dance like he/she hasn’t done anything else. Anders Ekdahl

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