JAY PARMAR “Circle Of Fire”

“Circle Of Fire”
I don’t think that I’ve heard anything that JAY PARMAR been involved with before this record. I can’t be too sure because the days when I memorized all band members’ names are long gone. Nowadays I’ll be so lucky if I can remember the band and album names. Memorizing member’s names takes up too much space in my brain. Not knowing what to expect from this I was happily surprised when I noticed that this wasn’t another guitar album but a real heavy metal album. Not that I have anything against guitar albums, I just have a hard time rating the guitar playing. This is so much easier to rate. I get a Riot/Virgin Steele kind of feeling listening to this. It is typical American in it being borderline heavy metal/hardrock the way that American bands do so well. There is something to this that is hard to resist. You might not like bands like Toto or Journey but when you hear an album like this you just want to check out the lighter side of the hardrock tree as well as pulling out your Judas or Iron or Saxon albums. Anders Ekdahl

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