JEFF AUG “Wedding Song”

“Wedding Song”
This is about as eclectic that Battle Helm will ever be. There used to be a time when MTV Unplugged was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Acoustic performances was what every self-respecting artist should do, From Nirvana to Metallica to whoever. All did it. That was acoustic. This is also acoustic but in a whole different league. Jeff Aug is an American guitar player that has released several solo albums prior to this new one, toured the globe alone or as a musician part of a band. There might not be anything distorted about this album. It might not be heavy in the traditional sense but still there’s plenty of stuff for all of us who like songs. Filled with so much emotions Jeff takes us on a journey into the nether regions of our psyche. A journey that is only limited by your own imagination. I like the fact that there is something so storytelling about the music that you don’t need lyrics to make up stories. Maybe not the usual hardrock album you’re looking for but for the more adventurous of us this will take you on an equally intense journey as the latest Iron Maiden album. Anders Ekdahl

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