JENNER “Test Of Time”

“Test Of Time”
(Infernö Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This Serbian band are back with new songs on this 3 track EP. I have tried to interview this lot a lotta times in the past but I seem to have failed miserably to get them to reply. I hope to have better luck this time around. And if not, I at least got this new EP from them. JENNER play heavy metal in the good old tradition. If you like up tempo and full on heavy metal this is the one for you to check out. Their debut album turned out to be a massive success. I cannot see why this one won’t follow in those footsteps. We get two new originals and a cover of an old Yugo heavy metal band called Demoniac. As a taster for a new album to come this one works wonders. I want to hear that new album right now. Anders Ekdahl

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