JENX “Drift”

I don’t know if there is a small German janitor living inside of me. That is really the only way I can explain why I like order and have a slight need for control. It could also explain why I have a fondness for industrial metal. There is something to the monotony of industrial that appeals to me. JENX are new to me but they have that cool alienated sound going that is almost otherworldly. If you like your metal offbeat and contorted then this is for you. There is a slight Fear Factory vibe to this but if anything there is an Alien aura surrounding this release. There is a groove to this that pushes it forward in a way that makes this highly enjoyable. That part I like a lot. If you could imagine a mix between Marilyn Manson and Fear Factory then you got some sort of idea what to expect from this. Anders Ekdahl

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