JESUS CHRUSLER SUPERSTAR “Among The Ruins And Desolate Lands”

“Among The Ruins And Desolate Lands”
(VönHell Records)
Apart from the obvious reference I’m not too sure about the band’s name. Yeah, I know that I can be rather picky when it comes to band names but that is the first thing that gets you noticed. If I saw a CD by this band in some shop I think that I would have flipped through it looking for something cooler. I never was a great fan of death’n’roll. I lost interest in Entombed when they turned too rock’n’roll for my taste. I get that same kind of Entombed vibe from this band. And to my surprise I’m not that turned off by it. I gotta admit that there is a charm to this that I never thought I’d say. Damn it, is it old age that is starting to show? This isn’t as bad as I would have liked to think. I actually find myself digging to this album. Not something I thought I’d live to see. Anders Ekdahl

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