Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy – “Songs From The Garage”


Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy – “Songs From The Garage” (Metal Blade Records)

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Goat Boy. Anyone who remembers the cast of NBC’s legendary “Saturday Night Live” in the mid 90s will remember Jim Breuer’s dead on impressions of actor Joe Pesci. Beyond that he co-starred in the film “Half Baked” and beyond his radio and TV career, today remains one of the top touring stand up comedians in the US. What mainstream folks don’t realize is that Breuer has always been a massive rock and metal fan, so much so that he formed the Jim Breuer Band, who some might remember playing festivals such as Rock On The Range, Metallica’s Orion Music Festival and the mutha of all metal gatherings – Wacken Open Air! Now hooking up with former Anthrax guitarist and current guitarist/producer of Volbeat, Rob Caggiano, Breuer has put together his previous metal experiences into “Songs From The Garage”, which is sure to play to any family man who’s still a full blooded rocker at heart. While Spinal Tap was a spoof, and the Beastie Boys created the ultimate party album in “Licensed To Ill”, Breuer has played to his strengths of family friendly stand up and impressions, while utilizing the talent around him to create this empathetic rock / metal album that even hooked in AC/DC’s Brian Johnson to sing on the hard rock boogie of ‘Mr Rock n Roll’ – not to mention his Geordie spoken word on the bluesey ‘My Rock n Roll Dream’! And that’s just it – anyone, anyone can relate to the subject matter and understand where Breuer’s coming from on songs like ‘Be A Dick 2Nite’ where Metallica’s ‘Jump In The Fire’ lick blends into a 70s Kiss style rocker complete with hilarious soul harmonies as the chorus wails ‘….don’t be a dick tonite, whooaah..’ – priceless! Best of all, the 11 tracks all employ different styles of rock and metal so the initial Skid Row hard crunch to ‘Family Warrior’ soon morphs into a stylish AOR groove as Breuer cathartically laughs the anguish of family bereavement in the face by saying ‘hey, I’m a man, and I can take it’. For the heavies, ‘Thrash’ speaks for itself with its Anthrax style stomping beat while on ‘Sugar Rush’ its School Of Rock meets the Scorpions razor riffing ‘Dynamite’ and on ‘Wannabe’, Breuer gets to vent big time at manufactured pop. Well, now you too can join him in the family man’s last refuge as he rocks out to middle age on “Songs From The Garage”!

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