Job For A Cowboy – “Demonocracy”

Job For A Cowboy – “Demonocracy” (Metal Blade Records)

Wow, this is quite a departure from the early ‘experimental’ metal that I remember these Arizonians for (but then only OG vocalist Jonny Davy remains from those days – Ed). On “Demonocracy” JFAC seem to be taking it more into the technical death metal area – although they still maintain a breathtaking pace LOL! Songs like ‘Fearmonger’ and ‘Nourishment Through Bloodshed’ reflect a more mature approach whereby it sounds like less of a technical jam but instead more structured where everyone is in unison to pummel you senseless rather than confuse you to the point of delirium LOL. Interestingly, if the bastardized title is anything to go by it also allows all the musicianship to be appreciated right thru to ‘The Charn”s drums whereas previously I always found the guitar work dominating the mix. On other fronts like the slow closer ‘Tarnished Gluttony’, the band even seem to stray into Crowbar like sludge territory so all in all, I would rate “Demonocracy” JFAC’s not only most complex but diverse record.

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