Job For A Cowboy – “Gloom”

Job For A Cowboy
“Gloom” EP
(Metal Blade)

Intense, hyper speed death metal! Thankfully, it’s mellowed and become less cacophonous than some of the previous experimental metal that these guys have put out
in the past that was ear bendingly painful. The 4 tracks on this EP like ‘Execution Parade’ and ‘Signature Of Starving Power’ are far more controlled and not just whirring off like some tornado – well, not counting Jon ‘Charn’ Rice’s drumming LOL. Jonny Davy’s vocals remain as diversely extreme as before but more articulate this time round and I really appreciate new guitarist Tony Sannicandro’s whirring death metal sound mixed in with classical breaks – very Rick DeLillo! Despite all the gloom I was in trepidation of experiencing, “Gloom” has brought me nothing but joy!
-Shan Siva
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