Job For A Cowboy – “Sun Eater”


Job For A Cowboy – “Sun Eater” (Metal Blade Records)

Despite being the band’s 4th album, following the departure of long time drummer Jon ‘The Charn’ Rice I think it would be fair to postulate that with only sole founder vocalist Jonny Davy left, this is virtually a different band to what brought us the dazzling debut of “Genesis”. Well, it’s certainly not the insane death core with insanely math metal guitar work and pig squeals galore as I remember it ha ha! Still, there’s plenty of technicality remaining from prog melodies and stunning bass runs that offer brilliant contrast to Davy’s death metal growls n screams as well as Danny Walker’s (Intronaut, Murder Construct, Exhumed, etc) speed of light double bass drumming. What sets it apart for me is the guitar work of Al Glassman and in particular Tony Sannicandro’s lead work be it on his breaks or solos, certainly very melodic but more classically so rather than the black hole surfing of Ravi Bhadriraju! Moreover, there’s definitely far more texture to songs like ‘The Stone Cross’ and ‘Sun Of Nihility’ and that seems down to the liberal use of 7 string guitars which, when combined with organic production produces a naturally heavy sound. Alternating slightly, ‘A Global Shift’ sees them erring into the commercial death metal of say, Cradle Of Filth although its not a radical departure from the other material indicating a lot of pre work prior to recording. “Sun Eater” is a tight, tight album with varying tempos and certainly plenty of atmosphere with the 9 tracks definitely resonating a dark, mythological vibe befitting the apocalyptic album cover – mere cowboys these guys no longer are!

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