Johansson & Speckmann – “From The Mouth Of Madness”

Johansson & Speckmann – “From The Mouth Of Madness” (Soulseller Records) 

Battle Helm Rating

Awesome – a death metal masterpiece from not just one legend, but two!!!! Long regarded as a death metal icon, Paul Speckmann (Deathstrike, Abomination, Master etc) has already collaborated with underground name Rogga Johansson (Megascavenger, Paganizer, Ribspreader etc) on no less than 4 prior releases, so it comes as little wonder than this release is premium death metal at a very elite level indeed. Joining the gruesome duo are fellow Megascavenger drummer Brynjar Helgetun, who also took care of the mix and mastering and Paganizer lead guitarist Kjetil Lynghaug. And together they make one helluva racket! With no frills or bullshit, the composing of the 9 tracks here is amazing and reflective of the collective genius and experience of the veterans here, pulling together some blinding old school riffs that are superbly arranged and laced with just the right hint of melody to prove utterly irresistible from the powering grooves inherent in the songs. As an added bonus, the material actually melds classic US death metal with its Scandinavian counter part and as such, is a double barrel experience par excellence that few bands could master, let alone unleash to such a fearsome yet catchy degree. For their part, Helgetun and Lynghaug should not be overlooked in providing some heavy rumbling bass work and powering drums that bring up the rear well, not to mention an excellent sound from the former’s technical talent. Completed by Speckmann’s bile inducing vocals and rhyming lyrics, songs like ‘The Demons Night’, ‘The Fallen Angel’ and ‘Kill And Kill’ capture the essence of true death metal from the dirty guitars and monster riffs to the wild, diddly dee soloing backed by a fearsome rhythm. Like I said, yet another masterpiece!!!

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