”Blood And Bones”
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I have never been one for superheroes. I didn’t read those kinds of comics when I was a child. The whole Marvels line-up was never my cup of tea. I was more a Modesty Blaise kinda guy. Yet I can see JOHNNY DEATHSHADOW being a really cool superhero. I don’t know if it matters to anybody else but Swedes but this Friday the 13th is not just another Friday. It is the day we celebrate St Lucia. Somehow it seems fitting that this German death rock band releases their EP on this day. St Lucia is all about light to us Swedes and this German lot is all about darkness and death. It is so easy to sloppily use The Sisters Of Mercy as a reference point but the truth is that this lot would not have sounded the way that they do had not The Sisters Of Mercy existed. So think of this as an amalgamation of The Sisters Of Mercy and Marilyn Manson with a slice of Rammstein and you get an idea what this sounds like. I like this. Perhaps more than I expected but there is something vigorating about this that I can’t fight off. Anders Ekdahl

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