JORDABLOD ”Upon My Cremation Pyre”

”Upon My Cremation Pyre”
(Iron Bonehead)

Battle Helm Rating

The first time I saw this bands name I thought they were some sort of prog rock band from the 70s. Like Hoola Bandola Band or Sten Sax Påse. But apparently they are a Swedish black metal band. Which makes me wonder what the hell they’ll sound like and most importantly, will I be able to get my head around it? And even though I do like Swedish progg from the 70s I am not sure that that is what I want to think about when I listen to black metal. But the album does start on a “very proggy” note. I can say that this both surprised me and not. Somehow it did end up sounding the way I imagined it yet not. Because below the murky, damp sound you find a rather conventional black metal band that at times spices it up with both this and that. It does sort of remind me of bands like Svarti Loghin and Sorgeldom in that there is a bit of blackgazing in this too. And that do spice things up a bit. I gotta admit that the more I listened to this the more drawn in I became. Anders Ekdahl

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