JORDAN RUDESS “Wired For Madness”

“Wired For Madness”

Battle Helm Rating

I only know JORDAN RUDESS from his work with Dream Theater. Apart from that I have no idea what he has been up to, until now that is. This is my first encounter with him as a solo artist and I gotta say it is pretty much what I expected it to like. An album that is full of his keyboard wizardry. Fortunately this is listenable stuff although it is all over the place. This is not really for me. I like my instrumental albums to be more linear. Not like this that goes up and down and here and there in one song. Nice one to have heard but thanks, but no thanks. At least the first part of the album. The second part is much more along the lines of that he does in Dream Theater and that one is the partI like and that is where i base my grade on Anders Ekdahl

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