JUDAS PRIEST ”Firepower”


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JUDAS PRIEST existed long before NWOBHM became a phenomenon. But it wasn’t really until the whole metal boom exploded in Britain that they too became a phenomenon. I don’t remember when I bought my first JUDAS PRIEST album but I do remember that I didn’t buy the supposedly clear choices like “Hell Bent For Leather” or “British Steel”. No, I started with “Stained Class”. Mainly because I had a comp LP that featured a song from that album. That was in the early 80s. Now we are near the end of the 10s and I sit here listening to a new JUDAS PRIEST album. And they still sound like they did back in the 80s. Well, more or less. I have my fave JUDAS PRIEST albums that I always return to. This one have the potential to be another one that I will return to. That it is a bunch of old men that are playing heavy metal you hear no traces of. This is pure fucking JUDAS PRIEST. This is a classic in the makings. When they retire for good we can all look back at this one and say that they gave it 100% all the way to the grave. Anders Ekdahl

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