JUGGERNAUGHT “Bring The Meat Back”

“Bring The Meat Back”
I have no idea how the world works but from having not known of any South African metal bands to just in a few months time having heard of three. I love travelling with metal as my guide. The more I get to know the less distance there is between the continents. I can’t say that this is my favorite kind of hardrock/metal. There is something to “farmer-like” about this that I have a huge problem with. The music has a groove, I’ll give it that but I still feel that this is too simple. Maybe I need to re-boot my head to get it straight for this kind of music. The truth is that the more I listen to it the more I enjoy it. It is hard to resist the pure joy of this album. It makes me want to pick out my Raging Slab and Lynyrd Skynyrd albums. OK, I’m a believer. Anders Ekdahl

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