JULIAN’S LULLABY “Prisoner Of Emotions”

“Prisoner Of Emotions”
(Musica Production)

Battle Helm Rating

I don’t know when this beauty and the beast dual vocal thingamajig started but every time I hear it, it makes me think of Norwegian Theatre Of Tragedy. This Greek 4 piece utilizes the same concept. When done correct it is majestic. Done wrong. Yeah, you can guess the result. I am not saying that it is done wrongly by JULIAN’S LULLABY but my initial reaction was that perhaps they should have left the vocals to Anna Lullaby alone. Not that the male vocals are bad. It is just that they don’t work as well as the female vocals. But that is basically my only criticism. Musically this is cool. Like a cross between Nightwish and more traditional heavy metal. There is a dramatic feel to this that I like. And as it progresses the male vocals don’t bother me as much as they initially did. This is another cool Greek band to keep an ear or two out for. Anders Ekdahl

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