“Black Coffee”
(Mighty Music)

Battle Helm Rating

I am a fan of Disneyland After Dark (DAD) and have been so since they started back in the 80s. if there ever was a Danish AC/DC then DAD would be that band. DAD has been the kings of the Danish hardrock scene forever. But now I am not so sure about that anymore. Because entering from the left, JUNKYARD DRIVE takes to the stage with a hardrock sound that are gonna challenge DAD for the throne as the kings of Danish bluesy hardrock (although DAD are so much more). This is some really solid hardrock with that bluesy edge that makes it feel like you are in a dark and smokey gentleman’s club. This is the kind of club music you should enjoy live and not on a record. But when that is not an option a record has to do. Anders Ekdahl

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