Jupiter Falls – “Faces In The Sand – Part One”

Jupiter Falls – “Faces In The Sand – Part One” (Broken Road Records)

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These guys have gotta be one of the hottest bands in the UK right now! Formed just 4 years ago, they have meteorically risen from having their debut produced by Roy Z to touring with Jake E Lee & Red Dragon Cartel before delivering a sophomore to worldwide critical acclaim, along with more dates in the UK as well as in France. Well on their way to stardom, now comes this 3rd album and it’s nothing short of a blinder! Besides their impressive song writing, it’s the awesome rock sound as well as their passionate in delivering hugely catchy and energetic material that makes you just wanna get up – and well, rock out!! From ‘Nothing To Me’ taking a leaf from Axl Rose’s brashness, Jupiter Falls bring in their own rousing Brit rock chorus along with a very cool squawk box vocal and some wild but melodic guitar soloing – whoa, it’s air guitar time man! And that’s the key here: these Yorkshire lads ably mix up tender melodies with memorable red blooded rock served up smouldering just the way true rockers like it. From the acoustic passion of ‘Call Me’ reminiscent of Tyketto all the band excel in their delivery here with vocalist James Hart varying his clean vocals subtly to be tender on the one hand while still able to handle the heavy duty double bass driven aggression of ‘It’s Your Problem Now’. The twin guitars of Deano Silk and Zachari Daniels have an equally huge part to play, very much in the Alter Bridge style of driving the momentum, while adding to the passion on ‘Follow Me’ – not to mention air god wildness on ‘Sickened’! With their sci fi name I did wonder if Jupiter Falls had any prog in ’em and on This Is A War We Cannot Win‘ its answered, drawing from the likes of Fates Warning, but still keeping it very much rock with its massive, impassioned chorus, fuelled by Hart’s power and passion – and yes, those huge, heart felt guitars yet again. A truly impressive release from what must be Yorkshire’s worthy rock successors to Def Leppard.

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