K-ØS “Planeta Violento”

“Planeta Violento”
Spain is a not my stronghold when it comes to hardrock/metal. I am not totally unfamiliar with the scene but there are still huge blank spots. K- ØS are new to me. As I had no idea what to expect I came into this with an open mind. After having heard it I’m still not sure if they’ve managed to surprise me or not. This is metal, heavy and with an anthem kinda feel to it but then there is the vocals. They are of the harsher kind without going full on death. Which messes it up for me in my head. I like the music. It is cool heavy metal but then there’s the voice. Does it fit or not? I think I’ll settle for the former. It does fit, it just takes some warming up to. This is for those of you who like your heavy metal on the harsher side. Anders Ekdahl

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