K-Lacura – “Portraits Of The Faceless”

K-Lacura – “Portraits Of The Faceless” (www.k-lacura.co.uk)

Funky, punky and groovy metal core from the splendid Oxfordshire countryside! Reflecting typical English eccentricity, K-Lacura’s name is loosely based on a Portuguese game show of all things, but their music is something else: a whirlwind mixture of bands like Pantera, Bullet For My Valentine and Soilwork – wow! Raw, throat strained vocals, emo harmonies and a strong power groove rhythm drive songs like ‘Beneath The Buried’, ‘Receiving End Of Bullets’ and ‘Drop Down’ that put out an eclectic mix unified by the energy bursting out’ve ’em. Get ready to hit the dance floor.

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