Kadavar – “Abra Kadavar”

Kadavar – “Abra Kadavar” (Nuclear Blast)

Woo hoo – hippies from Berlin – fuckin Hitler must be rolling in his grave ha ha! Brilliantly conceived in the city where being alternative is an understatement, Kadavar play Gong inspired psychedelic rock right from the early 70s when kaftans, patchouli oil and loon pants were hip maan. Looking like physics lecturers (well mine looked like them lol) complete with grandad beards and flowing locks, Kadavar’s music doesn’t disappoint in matching their image: groovy wah pedal guitar, fuzz toned bass and the unbelievably high tripped out vocals of Lupus Lindemann that made me think at first there was a chick in the band (or Kim Fowley had named him). Still, it’s not all flowers in your hair as inevitably the early Sabbs and Pentagram proto doom riffs creep in on songs like ‘Doomsday Machine’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Eye Of The Storm’ although on occasion the band sound like early UFO with Schenker, especially in Lindemann’s guitar work. Completing the far out package are space rock keyboards and garden shed production that leaves you feeling the band could warp in anytime to fry your mind…Kadavar is bygone music brought to the here and now that would have your (grand)parents relapsing into their last trip. Now that’s heavvvy maaaan.

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