KAL EL ”Astrodoomeda”

(Argonauta Records)

Battle Helm Rating

With a band name right outta Superman and with an album title that has clear references to both doom and space it is not hard to figure out what this band will sound like. But this is not as spaced out as early Monster Magnet was yet it is still kinda out there. If you like your stoner rock slow and heavy with a psychedelic touch to it this is the place to look for it. I was a huge Monster Magnet fan back in the 90s and those early albums are still with me which explains why KAL EL strikes a nice chord in me. This is music to enjoy in the company of your lava lamp. Add some really cool psychedelic wall paper too and you’ll maximize the experience a thousand fold. Another cool release from Argonauta Records. Anders Ekdahl

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