KALEVALA “Luna I Grosh”

“Luna I Grosh”
(Sound Age)
I have no idea what it is with Russian bands and a desire to go back to a timeless troubled by modern life. You got Arkona as the greatest example of a Russian band that is both folk, heathen, pagan, whatever at the same time. KALEVALA seem to want to be that too. Even without the Russian lyrics this would have sounded so much Russian that there would have been not question of its origin. If you think Arkona are too metal then you should check this lot out. This is what I call folk metal. You really can hear the folklore when you listen to this. If you have a hard time with folk music you should give this a chance. You might be turned over to the folk side. This is the kind of music that makes me want to dance, even though I can’t. Now I just gotta track this down. Where did I put that address to CD Russia? Anders Ekdahl

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