Kamelot – “Silverthorn”

Kamelot – “Silverthorn” (Steamhammer / SPV)

Quite possibly the most anticipated release of the year, “Silverthorn” is the first release since the departure of long time vocalist Roy Khan over a year ago, heralding the arrival of Seventh Wonder’s Tommy Karevik as his replacement. Right from the off, the first thing is how much more melodic Karevik sounds in comparison to Khan, who of course was a trained opera singer. Karevik does indeed have a beautiful voice, but he doesn’t really switch on the power, whether it’s on the racier stuff like ‘Ashes To Ashes’ or the sad ballad of ‘Song For Jolee’, incidentally the conceptual subject of this album, which deals with a 19th century girl who is cruelly murdered by her brothers and whose rich family then try to cover it up. There’s a definite gothic feel to the album, from the album cover to the melancholic melodies although the overall prog / power / symphonic sound remains unmistakeably Kamelot, right down to classic singalongs like ‘My Confession’ that should still please the band’s fans, although those preferring the sound of metal may now see the band erring more to the side of pure rock.

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