“The Law”
(Limited Access)
There are times when I don’t know if the Germans are serious or if they are joking about. The first time I saw a Kamikaze Kings photo I thought they were for laughs. I’m not so sure anymore. It might just be me alone that is laughing. The band might take themselves very serious. Still, there is something to the band that makes it hard for me to take them too serious. Hopefully the music will convince me of otherwise. I was raised on bigger than life hardrock and I had a thing for Zodiac Mindwarp back in the days. This kinda reminds me of that one-foot-on-the-speaker-fist-in-the-air-bigger-than-god kind of hardrock that was big in the 80s and totally died with grunge. I gotta admit that against better judgment I like this mindless hardrock assault. There is something very liberating about it that I can’t resist. Anders Ekdahl

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