Kampfar – “Djevelmakt”


Kampfar – “Djevelmakt” (Indie Recordings)

“Djevelmakt” is Kampfar’s 6th album and marks the 3rd creative wave for this eclectic band from Norway. Formed 20 years ago, the ‘band’ was just vocalist Dolk and guitarist / bassist Thomas at the time, releasing “Mellom Skogkledde Aaser” and “Fra Underverdenen” as well as several EPs. The second wave took Kampfar into the live arena with the addition of Jon (bass) and Ask (drums), as well as producing 2 more albums, “Kvass” and “Heimgang”. With their 2011 album “Mare” starting the 3rd cycle, that of refocusing the creative side of the band, “Djevelmakt” affirms it, bringing together the old aspects of Kampfar while polishing it to modernity without losing any of the raw energy and passion that is so inherent in this band, as well as their music and live show. With a cover amalgamating 3 different works of art, never let it be said that Kampfar are not complex – even if it is unpretentiously so – as they fuse Norwegian Black Metal at its most visceral, along with Norse folklore and even naturalistic elements. With haunting shrieks capable of clearing out a bat cave, raw epic riffing and supernatural melodies mixing with old school blast beats on songs like ‘Blod,Eder og Galle’, ‘De Dødes Fane‘ and ‘Svarte Sjelers Salme’, the effect is nothing short of intense both from an acoustic but also emotional perspective. Kampfar’s music is timeless, but beyond that it is honest – an unbridled expression of the pure human spirit at its most freest.

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