KARCIUS “The First Day”

“The First Day”
KARCIUS makes me think of hole in the teeth. Perhaps a strange reference but that’s how my mind works. And I’m never one to question the ways my mind works in. KARCIUS is another band from Canadian label Unicorn which means that this will be another progressive release. The question is how progressive. You need to have patience if you’re gonna be able to take in this album. If you stress through it or do household work listening to it you’ll notice that the album has passed you by unnoticed. This is the kind of album you need to sit down to listen to. Preferably in a softly lit room. This is progressive on that whole other scale compared to Dream Theater or Rush. There is more of an ambience to this, more of a sensual vibe than a blunt force trauma to your face that many progressive albums can be. I like these breaks in an otherwise hectic metal night. Anders Ekdahl

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