KARNAE “Evil Is An Necessity”

“Evil Is An Necessity””
It gets boring to keep mentioning that I’m not the greatest of metalcore fans. I can appreciate a good record when I hear one despite what sub-genre it might be. The problem with metalcore to my ears is that there is little variation in the sound the bands apart. It’s like they all bought the same manual on how to make it work. Italian Karnae have all the trademarks with the exception of the clean vocal interludes (oh I spoke too soon). This works so much better in my ears. I can fully appreciated the aggression this brings to me. It’s almost like I get a The Haunted with Marco Aro feeling listening to this. More of this stuff and I’ll be the biggest metalcore fan there is. I can fully get my head around this stuff without having to decipher all the trend rules that comes with metalcore these days. Anders Ekdahl

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