KATALEPSY “Autopsychosis”

(Unique Leader)
If it is on Unique Leader it can’t be anything but ultra brutal death metal. Or can it? I haven’t been in touch with this label for a very long time and have therefore no idea what kind of bands that they’ve signed lately. This Russian mob could very well turn out to be a melodeath band. Not that I think so. No, there is nothing melodic about this band. This is death metal that is borderline chaotic. This is a full on blast that will leave no prisoners in its wake. You are either in on the ride or you are left for dead. This is the brutal kind of death metal that I could easily overdose on when played the right way. And in my book KATALEPSY plays it right. This is the kind of stuff I could easily bop my head to until it fell off. Anders Ekdahl

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