KATLA ” Móðurástin”

” Móðurástin”

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Whenever I get a record from an Icelandic band I am impressed as fuck by the fact that there are enough people on the island to even start new bands but more so that there are enough people into metal to even have some sort of a scene. That the bands don’t just play to themselves and nobody else. Ever since I heard Sugarcubes with Björk for the first time I’ve been fascinated with the Icelandic music scene. With a population the size of Sweden’s third largest town there is so much diversity in the music that is created on this volcanic island in the North Sea. KATLA are no exception. I don’t know if it is the isolation in the middle of nowhere that drives them to create the music that they do or if it is that good old Nordic melancholy we share but there is something special to this album. It is like being spellbound listening to this. I don’t understand a single word that is sung in Icelandic yet I feel totally connected to it. A very strong experience of post metal. Anders Ekdahl

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