KAVE “Dismal Radiance”

“Dismal Radiance”
I have no expectations whatsoever on this album. I approach it with a completely open mind letting it guide me through the sonic landscape that is “Dismal Radiance”. I know nothing about KAVE and I like to leave it at that for the time being and just let the music do the talking. If I like I’ll search for info on the band. This is ambient in all the meaning of the word. If you do not pay close attention to this you will most likely miss everything that is going on. In the best of times I find pleasure in listening to this sort of music. There is a soothing aspect to this that I find necessary to indulge in every now and then. As a break from the hectic pace of life this works wonders. You get to dream of places far away, of places so mystic that they only exist in your fantasies. You could not ask for any better relaxation cure than be alone with your dreams. Anders Ekdahl

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