KB36 – “Fake”

KB36 – “Fake” (Pure Steel Records)

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Well, KB36 may sound like the start of a zip code, but there’s nothing ‘fake’ about this awesome rock band whatsoever! Hailing from Moscow (which may explain the enigmatic name), KB36 have been described as a ‘classic’ rock band and while I don’t doubt the influences of some of rock’s greatest artists in the 11 tracks making up this impressive sophomore, I rather think this is very much modern rock that takes in the best of rock through the ages, including metallic influences. Main man composer / vocalist Tengiz looks like he’s seen it all through the years and has recruited some youthful talent to make this rock dream come true and while he’s singing his heart out as if he were Tyler, Axl or Lane Staley, all the young dudes play their asses off as if they were headlining as Zepp, Crue or Van Halen! What’s impressive about Tengiz’s material is that you know the sound, but just can’t put your finger on it which keeps the music of KB36 fresh and exciting. From the Mark Knopfler guitar of ‘Who Cares’ the tempo and emotion build the song as the heavy bass of Pasha gives a ballsy boost in time for the super catchy impassioned chorus to ring out along the alt rock lines of Prime STH. On ‘Walk And Glow’ its a grunge lite Alice In Chains with LA 80s near screams while ‘Rock The Boat’ speaks for itself in being heavy rock n roll – again with Pasha’s bass giving it plenty of oomph where it matters. Speaking of which ‘On The Floor’ is a slowish brooding heavy rocker with plenty of reverb oozing outta Oleg’s guitar while Tengiz this time hits a higher tone which although unexpected, seems to work well in contrasting the bottom weighted sound of the song. Best for me was the punchy rhyming rap rock of ‘Seven Rules’ that effortlessly morphed into catchy alt rock and then again into mello hardcore before going back full circle – not to mention that OTT metal solo by Oleg – excellent! Well known on the Moscow club circuit and now branching out playing local festivals, I’m not sure if we’ll ever get to see these guys here in the west but they can definitely play and there’s no faking it here!

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