KEEMA “Rise Up”

”Rise Up”
When a band mention the word pop in their press release I for one shy away from it. Not that I have anything against pop. It is just that when pop and metal mixes you either end up with the worst crap you’ve ever heard or you end up with something so sweet that your teeth will fall out just from listening to it. So when a Danish band claim to play the heaviest pop you’ve ever heard I for one take on the challenge of listening to it. And heavy this is. I don’t know what’s pop in this. To me this is like hardrock with a very fuzzed guitar sound. It is melodic, that I’ll give them. But so are many other hardrock bands. I actually don’t care what the band wants to call their music. As long as it is good I have no problem with what sticker they give their music. And good this is if you’re into melodic hardrock with a modern twist. Anders Ekdahl

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