Keen Eyed – “Reflection”

Keen Eyed – “Reflection” (

Wow, this Italian band go right back to the mid 80s, when their “Metal Rain” demo scored quite a hit on their native soil along with some intense gigging towards the end of that era. Then the split! Not sure why but after a 15 year hiatus the inevitable reunion took place, the culmination of which was new songs and ultimately this album. For the most part Keen Eyed play classic rock that has its heavy moments here and there like on ‘She’s The Devil’. Equally they show their mellower moments with the use of acoustics and harmonies to the point of being AOR like on ‘Scent Of Feeling’. It’s certainly played well enough and the band show their technicality on the prog like ‘Hold Me Tonight’ that also incorporates some dextrous keyboards. New vocalist Angelo Gervasi seems able enough to cope with the differing styles both injecting power where necessary while being content to take a more laid back, trippy tone elsewhere. I think the band could have benefited from better production soundwise but “Reflection” should still ring a bell with their long time fans so let’s see if time has not overtaken Keen Eyed?

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