Keep Of Kalessin – “Epistemology”


Keep Of Kalessin – “Epistemology” (Indie Recordings)

Jeeesus – how fast are these guys!?!? The pace is relentless on an album that simply doesn’t let up from start to finish, and if anything gets so intense you need time afterwards just to calm down from its frantic beat. Formed by guitarist, composer and now vocalist Obsidian C in the mid 90s, and taking their name from the books of fantasy author Ursula K. Le Guin, Keep Of Kalessin play an extreme form of epic metal that leaves one not just breathless in the wake of its anabolic pace but also its stupendous musicianship. Right from the cerebral title which relates to the theory of knowledge, you know that this isn’t gonna be just another album! Mixing in exotic melodies and even multi layered prog harmony vocals on ‘Universal Core’ to create a cosmic feel, never have I seen a guitar take such a driving force as Obsidian C’s – he piles on stylish riff after riff and then smoothly shifts onto virtuosic scaling and then in a heartbeat unleashes monster post black licks to create a spell bounding experience that never lets up on the eight possessed tracks here. All the while, he is backed in equal measure of technical creativity and sheer power by Wizziac’s bass and Vyl’s drumming that threatens cardiac arrest throughout so be warned! Beyond their intensity, what really puts Keep Of Kalessin in a league of their own is their unashamed and masterful blending of other styles including 70s hard rock and 80s heavy metal no better encapsulated than on ‘Necropolis’, which could be the dark, epic successor to Rainbow’s ‘Stargazer’ as Obsidian C’s guitar once again comes into its own with its long, trippy solos and middle eastern breaks bringing the awe and majesty of a new galaxy within the reach of mortal men. Simply unbelievable, “Epistemology” doesn’t just take Keep Of Kalessin to a whole new level but the entire metal world as well so prepare for the sound of suave schizophrenia from one of the most awesome power trios – ever!

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