KENOS “Nightrain To Samara”

“Nightrain To Samara”
(Club Inferno/My Kingdom)
OK so melodic death metal doesn’t conjure up to much of a stir these days but truth be told done excellent this kind of metal can be just as rewarding as any other form of metal. Having formed in 1999 this is the first time I come upon Kenos. With four previous releases to their name you think that I’d heard of them but no I haven’t. And that might be my mistake. This wasn’t as sugary as I had thought. There’s actually an edge to this that makes it stand out from most other melodeath bands. There is a Fear Factory kinda groove to this that puts it aside. Not too shabby for a MCD. Just wish that there had been a couple more tracks to enjoy. A MCD is so quickly done with. And you’re left with a desire to hear more and not having to repeat it for that to happen. Anders Ekdahl

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