KHAZADDUM “Plagues Upon Arda”

“Plagues Upon Arda”

Battle Helm Rating

There is an epic feel to this. From the band name to the album title to the art work to the song titles. There is a promise of something really cool to happen. And epic it is. Not in a Dimmu Borgir manner but more in a “Hall of the Mountain King” kinda way, if that makes any sense at all. This is to me a cross of black and death metal. But with the added aura of thrash and heavy metal. it is not hard to be dragged into the universe that is KHAZADDUM. And once you are there you don’t want to leave. Seriously. This is some of the coolest metal to be heard. I am so lucky to get to hear this kind of metal week in and week out. This is what I love about metal. You get that majestic feeling going in your body. The feeling of being a part of something greater. This is my kinda metal. Anders Ekdahl

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